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There is a slow development since the Covid-19, but everyone work hard, and give the best cooperation with government to prevent further expansion of the epidemic.

Daysun guys know deeply this is not easy things when people have to stay home 21days, and denote kinds of bags as a small gift, hope to give a little comfort to people.

Daysun also provide kinds of training every year, including professional bag knowledge, neccesory common sense in life, and some personal development information.
Bag training is in first priority, every staff will receive at least 20 times trainings, including professional words for bags, different bag styles, bag production process and exporting process etc..

Sometime, other field professional teach will give a special lesson. Like the professoinal firemen arranged a special lesson about fire lesson.To check the exit route first when go to a new place, and to know those equipments, and how to deal when come cross a fire.

And there is also a lesson about personal delevopment, people usually is hard to keep doing one thing, why cause that? how should we find the reason? what should be do in next step? With one by one questions, we understand ourselves well, and know what should do in next step.